Yann Houri

Born in 1990 in Paris, France. Yann Houri is a French painter – sculptor living and working in Paris.

Yann Houri has exhibited his work at CICA Museum (Seoul), Grand Palais (Paris), Hi-Desert Cultural Center (Joshua Tree), Fondation Deutsch (Lausanne), Perez Art Museum (Miami), Suntec Singapore Center (Singapore) among others.

In search of a language between matter, color and movement; his works present complex (de)structured compositions. Driven by spontaneous and intuitive energy, his work resists to easy characterization. He devotes a large part of his thinking to the lived experience and refuses to foresee anything.

“I want to discover what I’m doing the moment I create it, all the excitement of painting is in the unexpected.”

His works present both abstract forms and more densely layered images in which figurative elements can be discerned. The artist, attached to contrasts, seeks to mix representation and abstraction, linear perspective and coloring, minimalism and gestural painting. His meticulous approach is geared towards a creative process that openly emphasizes the contrast of success and failure inevitably linked to his practice. He then seeks to create a tension between control and chaos, repetition and conciseness. We observe an alliance between construction and destruction, paired with a material that seems to be in motion. For Yann Houri, the work is a discourse between consciousness and the unconscious and only has meaning in the viewer’s free interpretation.

“A work of art is a place of meeting and sharing, it only exists and lives through the mind of the viewer”

His work is therefore constantly evolving through the interactions he sets up with others. As a result, each of his accomplishments is the fruit of free imagination and the constant search for new techniques, expressions of his perception of evolution.